Chadron’s Hope Foundation understands the magnitude of the problem regarding how much of Tanzania’s society views parents of children with disability. The Foundation hopes that by creating awareness and advocating for inclusion, the environment of people living with disabilities in Tanzania will improve.


Chadron’s Hope Foundation conducts outreach programs for families of children with disabilities. The aim of these programs is to learn about the challenges faced by such families and to address them through the foundation’s capabilities. Our outreach programs are also an opportunity to encourage parents to not hide their children, seek proper support, and ensure that no child is left behind because of his or her disability


We understand how overwhelming finding reliable information can be so providing educational resources to our families and the community is an essential role of CHF. Additionally, it can be almost impossible to find resources in Kiswahili or African centric so we are dedicated to building out more of these much needed resources.

At Chadron’s Hope Foundation we are driven by a single goal: to improve the lives of people living with Down’s syndrome and developmental disabilities in Tanzania.


Opp. Wema Twins Tower, Basihaya TZ


We are a small but mighty organization of volunteers so your donations can make a huge impact for those most vulnerable instead of covering overhead costs. Join us in this unique opportunity to directly change the lives of so many.

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