Chadron’s birthday was an opportunity for CHF founder to share her passion, vision and dreams to family and friends and to inspire them to join the noble cause of the organization. During the celebration, networking started, and participants were requested to become ambassadors in the campaign of improving the well-being and inclusion of peoples living with Down syndrome.


Chadron’s Hope Foundation organized the first parents/guardians workshop of its kind, at Sea Shells Millennium Hotel Dar es Salaam.

The aim of this workshop was to equip parents of children with developmental disabilities with the knowledge and skills that will enable them to recognize their children’s potential and plan for their success.

CHF organized a parents and guardians capacity building seminar aimed at empowering parents with tools that will help them realize the potential and plan for success for their children. Additionally, this activity provided parents an opportunity to network with families facing similar challenges. The seminar was facilitated by a professional facilitator, which led meaningful discussions and brainstorming sessions. The key note address was given by experienced children’s Psychology and Social Worker who provided science driven tools to help manage the challenging psychological aspects of taking care of a child with developmental disabilities. An accredited physical therapist was also available to teach parents techniques for them to work with their children at home. All instruction was provided in English and Kiswahili and were from East Africa to help bridge the gap between the more available western resources within the Tanzanian landscape.

CHF had overwhelming positive feedback from those who attended the first seminar. One parent shared that her child has greatly improved because of the simple exercises taught. Another parent said she truly gained a lot from the seminars and she wanted to be an ambassador for other mothers who could not attend.

Our CEO and founder of Chadron’s Hope Foundation also shared her personal feedback regarding the first seminar. “I never knew anything about planning for a child with developmental disabilities. I was overwhelmed with information. I didn’t have access or support and often felt lost. The first seminar taught me to be focused. At 5 years old Chadron could not chew, after setting targets and following a 6 months plan that I developed during the first seminar, Chadron has now graduated from blended food and now eats almost 90% of what my family eats. Every time I feed Chadron a spoonful, my heart is filled with gratitude for those, who have helped made it possible for me. I never imagined I would be celebrating this milestone with my son

and sharing these successes with other seminar participants reminds me how important CHF’s work truly is.”

The Parents seminar was linked to another mass media activity aired by Azam TV in their morning trumpet program LINK


The second seminar aimed to continue building relationships with parents who have children with developmental disabilities, reinforce what was shared during the first seminar, find out what has worked for parents and provided professional knowledge on how to care for a child at home.The seminar offered expertise from 5 key speakers; Dr. June MsechuPHD,Children’s Psychology and Social Work, Ms. Aisha Siraji, Occupation Therapist, Steven Mbuya, Physiotherapist, John Bosco Kambanga, Speech Therapist, Dr.DeashisariaRimoy, Pediatrician. 


The seminar had many activities including small group exercises so the participants could have a focused discussion with the professionals. It was a great opportunity for all participants since we have very few professionals in Tanzania. For example, there are only 2 known Speech Therapists in Tanzania and having one in the seminar was a great opportunity for everyone. Parents had the opportunity to discuss their unique challenges with professionals without any cost which was an exceptional opportunity. At the end of the seminar, participants were truly grateful and shared their deepest appreciation.

Spreading awareness in the community is an important objective of CHF’s work. Our Founder and CEO of Chadron’s Hope Foundation had the opportunity to speak to 2200 women about World Down .

Syndrome Day and developmental disabilities. We were able to increase our network of friends of Chadron’s Hope Foundation and create awareness of our efforts and brand. One participant was so inspired by our work she donates to andadvocates for our mission, seen here wearing our World Down Syndrome Day t-shirts.

At Chadron’s Hope Foundation we are driven by a single goal: to improve the lives of people living with Down’s syndrome and developmental disabilities in Tanzania.


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We are a small but mighty organization of volunteers so your donations can make a huge impact for those most vulnerable instead of covering overhead costs. Join us in this unique opportunity to directly change the lives of so many.

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