Highlight on UN News with our Executive Director

As part of our ongoing commitment to promote awareness of Down syndrome, our Executive Director, Elly Kitaly, seized an opportunity to advocate for individuals with Down syndrome and was featured in a United Nations News.


Our chairperson, Elly Kitaly, was featured on a BBC World Service documentary called Don’t Hide My Son. Don’t Hide My Son aimed to create greater awareness around the misconceptions and false myths that lead to parents of children with Down syndrome being accused of witchcraft and of being cursed.

Read more on Down Syndrome Awareness in Tanzania”

“Explore Elly Kitaly’s eye-opening journey in ‘There is No Word for Down’s Syndrome in My Language.’ In Tanzania, she discovered that Swahili lacks a word for Down’s syndrome, sparking her mission to understand why. Despite her country’s lack of awareness, she’s determined to change perceptions. Join us to uncover her experiences and the challenges of explaining Down’s syndrome in Swahili. Through Elly’s story, we learn about the importance of raising awareness and promoting understanding.”

Watch the interview with Tanzania Network in Germany

Our Executive Director, Elly Kitaly, remains dedicated to sharing her journey with the Tanzanian network in Germany, persistently working to foster awareness and advocacy for individuals with Down syndrome in Tanzania.” Watch her Interview with Tanzania Network in Germany

AZAM TV Interview

Watch Elly Kitaly’s captivating conversation with Azam TV as she recounts the early stages of her remarkable journey. In this insightful interview, Elly shares her dreams and unwavering passion, which served as the driving force behind the creation of Chadron’s Hope Foundation.